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Shoreland Zoning

Shoreland/Wetland ordinance requirements are mandated by WI Administrative Code NR115. 

Shoreland/Wetland Zoning affects all areas of Rusk County that are within 1000′ of any lake, pond or flowage, or within 300′ of any river or stream. Shoreland Zoning is administered by Chapter 50 of the Rusk County Code, which limits the development of wetlands and shoreland areas in order to protect water quality.

Among other things, Shoreland Zoning also protects fish spawning grounds, wildlife habitat and lake and river ecosystems. Permits are required for construction, land disturbing activities and other land uses.

For applications and setback information go to General Zoning.

Nonconforming structures are buildings that do not meet required setbacks. These buildings have additional limits on how they can be improved or expanded. The following information can be helpful in planning a project for a nonconforming structure. Legal Pre-Existing (Nonconforming) Structures Requirements

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